Import xyz coordinate in a click

Import xyz coordinate in a click

Import XYZ coordinate in a single Click!
Excel to AutoCAD
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We have created an #excel sheet by which you can import unlimited nos of points in batch in a single click. Not only the points, the labels i.e. code and RL texts will also be drawn automatically.
The excel sheet will be delivered free of cost to our subscribers for this you have to do the following tasks:
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4) Click the link provided in the comment section and request for access
5) If you completed all of the above steps then only you will get access to download the file
6) It will take just 2 min to complete the above steps

I have not used any command in #AutoCAD for importing xyz coordinates with its labels. I have combined several autocad commands in excel by applying excel formulas and created a column with texts. You have to copy those texts and paste in autocad. There it is. Your drawing will be ready.
It takes me about 2 months to complete this excel sheet for importing points

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