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I was tired. Now I am retired.

Now that I am a retired surveyor I may spend more time thinking about my garden than thinking about surveying.  But I still find some topics interesting.  You may see a response from me once in a while if I think there is something I can add.  Mostly I will lurk because I do not ponder new technology.  New technology is for those who are still trying to scratch a living out of the dirt.

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  • Life is the biggest treasure in the world, my friend.

    You can try to keep it as much as you can or

    you can share your live with any human being.

    Take care of yourself and share it.

    Hope your legs get better...

    and enjoy your fishing!!!!

  • This is a special thanks to David, Justin, and Deward.  It sometimes surprises me anybody still notices I am here.  But once in a while a phone call, an email, or a response on Land Surveyors United reminds me that memories are not terribly short.  I must decline the job of teacher.  Burk asked me to present a seminar at the OSLS conference in 2016 but I declined because of the uncertainties of my health and what seems to be a wandering mind these days.  I keep track of what Gary is doing with his honey bees and his gardening efforts.  He still has a lot of ambition for an old geezer.  I have not gone to visit his garden or his bee product store.  I keep hoping he is doing well and finds reasons to keep after it.  Lately Jeannine and I have been camping and fishing at Lake Texoma.  We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with the Little City Baptist Church last week and then had our own feast on Thanksgiving day.  Blessings continue to wash over me like a river even as my legs continue to fail.  I can still do my camper and boat chores if Jeannine helps me and I work slowly.  I enjoy using the GPS receiver on our little pontoon boat though I am still not an expert at interpreting the sonar data.1201274107?profile=original?width=750

  • After a hard live as surveyor... time to disconnect.

    Last year I took a sabbatical year and I can tell you one thing: Survey is not life...

    But maybe is one of the better legal drugs for any of us that still love our work.



  • GEO Ambassador

    Phil.  I appreciate you starting this conversation.  The new surveyors of the world are not fully aware of your vast depth of experience or maybe even type of surveying you performed.  The world has a lot to learn from you and I hope you'll continue to share tidbits of knowledge with those just entering the field.  You were one of our first 10 members and today we crossed 8400, globally.  You are the teacher now.


    btw we have a roup you can admin if you like

    Retired Land Surveyors

    I was thinking of 3D printing some belt buckles...

     Do you ever get together with Gary Briesch?  

    Happy Thanksgiving Buddy!
  • Land Surveyor
    Gardening looks like a great pastime. Glad to see you here!
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