Gun at the Airport

I was at the airport on the way home from a work trip, carrying our survey instrument.

An enthusiastic young man approached me and asked rather loudly, "is that a gun??"

Dude. Be cool. We're at the airport. It's called a "total station".  Haha.

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  •  Wait till you have to work at a Joint Military Base, that is also a military airport, but this was one month after 911.

     Dogs ,scanners,metal detectors,mirrors under the truck,guns pointed at you ,also searched, this was every day.

    Background checks by the FBI, First day I said, I do have machetes ,That is fine as long as it is job related, Base Captain reply's.

     As FA 18  few over. But this was not my first rodeo with the military,but my 4 man crew was a different story. 

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