We all run into the trouble of needing to convert a file into a different format or need to upload and send a bunch of surveying files to someone and can't figure out the best and fastest way to do it. Here we have some dead simple services for land surveyors to use online for converting documents, distance measurements conversions, file sharing and screen capturing.

HTML-To-PDF-Converteris a very easy to use and free HTML to PDF Converter. It has only an
input and a button. You enter the web address of the site you want
transformed into a PDF file and push the button, you will be then asked
to download the generated PDF file.

FileStomp is an easy and useful online service to zip and share a collection of files.

Converticiousmakes the conversion of units a snap. The newly launched service
utilizes the power of Ajax to convert units, hence eliminating the need
to reload the page.

CometDocs is a service that allows you to convert documents online without the need to install any software locally.

FractionToDecimal is a single page that contains a fraction to decimal conversion chart.

Hope you all find these as useful as I have. Enjoy!
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