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2017 Surveyor Community Annual Report

2017 has been an amazing year in the world of land surveying. Jaybird just finished compiling a report for the 2017 Annual Report for our Facebook Page and coming soon for the Surveying Jobs Page, Survey Earth in a Day and of course the entire community.  I just wanted to share this report and thank you all for your continued participation across platforms.  Together, we are truly making a difference in the surveying industry, despite the fact that the magazines and large media outlets are afraid to mention us.  Although we are not sure why many of the media outlets have decided to refuse to acknowledge our contribution to the future (while attempting to recreate many aspects of this community), sooner or later they will learn that social media should not be used solely for pushing products.  Land Surveyors need support with the challenges they face and the best support is other experienced surveyors.  The sooner we all start to work together in collaboration for the good of all surveyors worldwide, the sooner the industry will be healed.  

Our 2017 Annual Report

2017 Land Surveyors Report

This year, our global community grew tremendously!  Our Facebook page grew by 33% and our posts and your contributions have had over 5,665,794 views!  Wow!  

And we are not stopping.  By tomorrow night we should have our 13,000th member inside the community. 

13.000 land surveyors

2018 Will Be Our Best Year for Growth Yet!

Now that Justin (Jaybird) has graduated, everything is about to get much better- we will soon move to our new and improved community.

Survey Earth in a Day 7 is Announced

This year on the summer solstice, we will have Survey Earth in a Day 7 and this will give us the data we need to once and for all show those who believe the earth is flat that they are truly ridiculous.  If you have never participated in Survey Earth in a Day, at Noon on the Summer Solstice in YOUR LOCATION, submit a point using your GNSS/GPS/RTK equipment to the community.  This year will be our 7th year measuring the entire planet in a single day!  Our results will provide the proof demanded by so many flat earthers regarding the shape of Planet Earth.  Of course, this isn't our primary reason for doing this.  Most importantly is the global community participating in the largest surveyor event of the year and the public awareness it generates regarding the importance of land surveyors to society.   Only a trained professional land surveyor can achieve the accuracy needed to Survey Earth in a Day from thousands of terrestrial points.  

Here's To You Surveyors!!!!

Again, thank you for every single contribution to the community.  Every moment you spend sharing your experiences in surveying breathes 10 years into the industry!  See you all in 2018!

A couple of closing remarks

1) Share a link to your Facebook Page or Website Below and We'll Connect to you to help Improve Your Reach!

2) Our Community is funded by member donations.  Make a donation in any amount you can afford to help us pay for community hosting and maintenance

3) If you have not updated your profile in a while, be sure to refresh it for the new year! (if you get an error due to removal of old questions, simply uncheck the questions which return the error)

4)  Next week we will recieve our SSL certificate for the new BETA Community that we are migrating to.  if you would like to self migrate, SIGN UP FOR BETA HERE

5) We have over 3,700 available Surveying Jobs on our new Global Surveying Jobs Board.  Find a job or share available positions.

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