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Wednesday is European Land Surveyors Day & Time for Surveyors of the EU to UNITE!

Everything is starting to cook!  Our Worldwide Virtual Surveyor Conference is heating up and tomorrow (Tuesday) will be Asian Land Surveyors Day and the third day of International Surveyors Week 2019.  Over 2.2k surveyors are currently using the app so far and that is a great sign!  As the week progresses, I remain hopeful for this experiment to bring us all closer together in a universal game of Show and Tell.   Use this time to your advantage, within reason...

Show the public what they pay you for. 

Plug your company and possibly get yourself a raise. 

Unemployed? Qualified? Prove you can survey and get a surveying job. Share proof!

Don't be afraid to be the first to 'break the ice'! Start a discussion inside your Local Hub forum. 

Introduce yourself and become a local SURVAmbassor.

The world needs more land surveyors-inspire the next generation and build your legacy in geomatics. 

We have gathered here to all become each other's best teacher.

Celebrate by contributing to the world's knowledge about land surveying

As Asia Land Surveyors Day comes to a close and International Surveyors Week continues on, Wednesday is European Land Surveyors Day and were looking forward to many photos and posts inside Local Chapter Hubs from the EU!  If you are based in Asia, you still have time to submit your photos and stories to Asian Local Chapter Hubs.

European Land Surveyors Day International Surveyors Week


If you are a Land Surveyor in Europe

Find and Follow Your Local Surveyors Hub to Participate

Feel Free to Move Your Photos to Local Hubs As well..
Please use this day to post local land surveying photos, introductions and videos to your Local Chapter Hub inside the community. You can find your local hub in the following ways:
Via the ISW App: https://isw2019.glideapp.io
Via the Hub Page for All Country Hubs: 
Via the Community Map Page with quick links to introduction forums:


10:30 am: Share a surveying photo and describe it
12:30 pm: Introduce yourself inside your local hub forum and tell us why you love surveying and something unique about being a land surveyor in your area
3:00 pm: Film a short video about surveying
6:30 pm Make connections, comment on other's posts from the day..

*Remember that you earn points to your profile for engagements and contributions and you will soon be able to trade points and awards for real gear and prizes

 * Thurday is South American Land Surveyors Day and we may need translators to help with this as well  see full schedule here

* Earn prizes from Invertboot and Schonstedt for sharing the best photo or video during International Surveyors Week!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share your posts with us after you add them to community using #ISW2019 hashtag

 Quick Links to European Land Surveyor Forums


A Hangout Webinar about Survey Earth in a Day 8 

Geodetic Surveyor, Jesse Koslowskiand I had a Hangout today about Survey Earth in a Day 8, which happens Friday Worldwide at Noon and what it entails.  You can check out the recording here:




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Justin Farrow - Creator of Land Surveyors United

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  • I absolutely love this week and I hate to say it, but you may be ahead of your time- mostly because surveyors don't seem to understand web technologies enough at this moment in time.  Ironic huh... we use the most advanced tech known to man but many of us can't seem to figure out how to post a photo..lol... 

    Like you, I have been hoping for a lot more contributions and photos but the print media seem to have everyone so brainwashed.  Thank you for doing this for all of us.... i know it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to put all of this together.  Unfortunately, surveyors just don't seem to care as much as they should about their own future and who they inspire.  However, I see your hard work gaining traction every day and you appear to be doing the right thing.... hopefully, eventually everyone will come around.   God Speed Justin

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