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Accurate cadastral maps define legal repositories of land ownership, value and location by registering and representing land boundaries on a map. These cadastral maps can be further categorized in various aspects which is depends on the requirement or the purpose of the user. Infrastructure mapping is such instant. In this study building up a public road cadastre system is discussed.


Public road network in Sri Lanaka has widely spread throughout the country. Until the present day there is no proper spatial database system to management of the road system. Accurate road system mapping integrated with spatial database will provide endless number of advantage from planning development to cost management of a country. One of the key consideration in planning in the development based on road network is to understand the current state affairs in the road network. This requires accumulating reliable, compressive and up-to-date information on the road network condition that is readily available when required.


In my study I am considering the use of road construction data after completion of the road construction which is the as-built and design of it. These constructions have completed with international and local standards imposed by the local government bodies or international funding projects such as projects from ADB, World Bank etc. So these data obtained can be justified that they have the required accuracy mentioned above. These data with its attributes are taken to create a spatial database for a road network in a sample area. Then this method to be


Proposed to create a rapid Public road cadastre throughout the country since in Recent past almost all the roads have been newly constructed or modified. Through this standard Road Information System which also known as RIS could be obtained where it can be used as a multi-purpose infrastructure.

For Details See: http://weare2013.blogspot.com/2020/05/case-study-on-implementing-public-road.html

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