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Introducing The United States of America Land Surveyors Support Groups


Its been a long and interesting process, but I finally managed to get all 50 state-based social support groups up for the United States of America. The idea here is to create a place for every surveyor in the United States (and eventually the globe) to go and have all of their state based information all in one place-including the most up to date documents and events from their state board. And because state board websites

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Permanent marking paint for land surveyors!

SURVEY CREW’S Land Monument Marks –Surveyor’s New Marking Paint Tired of wasting time and money because your marking paint have been erased and you could not find your PK station.

Have you been in the situation that you have to go back to farther stations in your traverse and redo work?

The most durable marking paints are too expensive and don’t even last more than a few weeks.

Have you ever needed to go back to the field to take data, and waste more time staking out stations than the time it takes

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Introducing Surveyors of Land
For surveyors out there who like to goof off (I can't imagine there are any, but what the hey), I have an exciting announcement. Among us is a member by the name of Clay Ostrom, animator, artist and the creator of a new animated series called "Surveyors of Land." This show is centered around the lives of two land surveyors who get in all sorts of adventures and troubles, while doing practically anything they can to get out of actually doing work. I had a chance to c
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Got an old manual or equipment quick start guide laying around on your hard drive? Chances are someone on Land Surveyors United could really find that information useful tomorrow or next week. I'm going to show you how to share it with the network in less than one minute.

How To Embed Any Document Type into Land Surveyors United
This requires no knowledge of HTML and can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds
This trick will be enormously useful for all of you surveyors out there who have PDF doc
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IPHONE Apps for Land Surveyors

DID I see that some one in the LSU community had an IPHONE App. that was measurement related such as an EDM or it do survey method calculations instead?


The new Land Surveyors United app for iPhone is finally ready for download for free on the iTunes App Store. Enjoy mobile support for land surveying from anywhere using the new and improved interface, connecting you with groups, forums, latest activity, photos and videos. Download Now
NOTE: We will soon be releasing the Android version of

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Week 133: Least Square Adjustments via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One
Least Square Adjustments Presented by Dane Courville, PLS
Episode 213 - Matt Aston & GPRS via GeoRadio- All Land Surveyor Podcasts in One

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