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  • I use free codes but I'm able to be extremely consistet with it so my field to finish still works perfectly. No one from our field crew can do that so I have them using a codelist I loaded into their DCs

    • if no one knows how to use codelist just edit the point id with the abbreviated description of the point observe then download the data in csv or any text file and edit the data using excel spreadsheet to correct the column by point id northings eastings code description. after editing you can import points to any software like liscad civil 3d sdrmap etc. be sure that the text format similar to that of pre defined text format of the software. 


  • Thank you. I will get a look at that.
  •  ok kevin,

    Then check out this discussion you might see some you like. some are Survenator's and some are mine.

  • Yes.
    I would use MHS for man hole square. KB for kerb and so on.
    With line type and colour built in for post processing.
  • Hi Kevin,

    Are you talking about Description codes???.

  • Sorry. Yes for topo. I know a few other surveyors that use free code on the go. Others with numbers for their code list and like myself others that like codes from short prefixes.
  •     I'm guessing for topo?

  • Not exactly sure what you are asking here...  code list for what?  please explain

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