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This research aimed to analyze double meridian distance for a closed traverse area in developing a land title for aĀ proposed gymnasium in Qassim University. Total station, theodolite, leveling rod and steel tape plays an important role in measuringĀ elevations, bearings, and distances of the boundaries of a lot. A contour map is necessary to determine the traces of levelĀ surfaces of successive elevation. This will enable to identify the type of contour map and type of contour lines necessaryĀ for

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Surveyors Are United! Ā We are Stronger than Ever Before

I have a few announcements and some new cool things for you to check out over the weekend, but first, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members on Land Surveyors United. Ā We appreciate you joining us in our mission to bridge the gaps between surveyors and to strengthen the profession. Ā If you have not yet introduced yourself, please tell us a bit more about your relationship to surveying here. Ā 


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A manual of land surveying; comprising an elementary course of practice with instruments and a treatise upon the survey of public and private lands

W. & L. E. GURLEY, TROY, N. Y.
MANUFACTURERS OF Civil Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments
All Instruments Sent to the Purchaser Adjusted and Ready for Use.
Send for Full Illus- trated Price List and Circular.

The Latest BX306 GNSS RTK Board

Tersus GNSS Launches New Precis-BX306 RTK Board

Tersus GNSS Inc (ā€œTersusā€), a leading GNSS RTK manufacturing company launched its brand new GNSS RTK Board, the Precis-BX306 to market in April. A series of other new products and accessories were also showcased.


The launch of Precis-BX306 aims at facilitating the applciations which need centimeter positioning accuracy and dynamic operation mode, enforcing effective observation data logging and management, and popularizing thhe adoption of high preci

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For Recruiters

1198866670?profile=originalLast week a member who is currently seeking employmentĀ asked me how they could get in touch with a recruiter to find employment. Ā It dawned on me that although I had developed ways for recruiters to find job seekers, I had never added a category for recruiters. Ā So, today I changed that. Ā  If you are a recruiter, simply visit Your Profile SettingsĀ and change the answer to the first question "I am here because I am...." to Recruiter. Ā  Once enough of you have made this change, I wi


Kevin Dennehy, in his latest article [Hovering in High Performance UAS-based LiDAR Space] of Inside Unmanned Systems, Apr-May issue, mentioned that, ā€œLiDAR USA has developed a lightweight LiDAR specifically for unmanned aircraft that is capable of getting centimeter-level resultsā€. Tersus is contributing a small portion of effort with our GNSS RTK receivers to support LiDAR to achieve more high precision possibilities. Take a look at the article to learn a little bit more of us. http://insideunm

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If you haven't checked out Google's 3D warehouse, there are some really cool 3D model examples that I think would be of interest to all of you. Ā 

Surveyor's Measuring Tape

Surveyor using TopconĀ Robot

Instrument Measurements

Surveyor Work Truck Ā  (more examples of Surveyor Work Trucks)

GĆ©omĆØtre-Topographe et Trimble S8


SystĆØme TOPOX 1983

ZEISS Elta 4

Leica TCR in action

These examples have been created by some very talented designers. Ā  Do you have any 3D

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I collected static data for the second time and again did not obtain a solution from any of the 4 control points when uploaded to OPUS rapid static.Ā  I am using an R7 with a zephyr 2 gnss antenna.Ā  The area I am collected is a somewhat clear area within a deciduous (no leaves) wooded area.Ā  At least 10 satellites were tracked the entire time for all of the collection sessions.Ā  I am pondering three things:Ā  1. Should I try to collect for a longer period - maybe even 2 hours or more and upload to

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On May 15, 1800, President John Adams issued a significant directive that would forever alter the landscape of American governanceā€”ordering the federal government to relocate from itsā€¦