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Should Surveyors Be Alarmed?

While doing a little research into search trends for Land Surveying and Land Surveyors using Google trends, it is quite interesting to see that overall, searches for land surveyors worldwide have gone down significantly since 2008.    Would you venture to state your opinion as to why this might be the case?


Should Land Surveyors as a whole be alarmed by this downward spiral in search? 

 Do you have any ideas as to how we might inject a better image of surveyors to the world?

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Hello everyone,

Be aware that a survey truck and a lot of equipment was recently stolen in Folsom. Here is the message from R.E.Y. Engineering along with photos of the suspect:

"Survey community, 

I hope you don't mind I am taking the time to send you this email but I think that it's important to come together in situations like this. Our company was robbed of two laser scanners, four total stations, four R10's, a level and a survey truck. All this totals to about $350,000 of survey equipment. Pl

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NeoRTK is a high-precision GNSS receiver. With multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS board inside, it provides accurate and stable signal reception. The internal antenna can speed up TTFF and improve the capability of anti-jamming. All features inside provide peak performance under most demanding conditions for surveying field work. NeoRTK GNSS receiver can deliver with external radio module, handheld controller and software. The tailored base and rover packages offer flexibility for surv

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Land Surveyor

Yes! Now you can buy a GNSS GPS for under 1000 US Dollars. Emlid has created “Reach RS” GPS for the cheapest price. So that ever-ready surveying, mapping and data collection can be done with centimeter accuracy. There is no need of a controller, just download the ReachView app in you smartphone and configure the Rover base Connection.

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