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It is truth that books were written from experiential but no one can do any thing by book, because fun is knowledge based and shifted from a practical person to others followers.

About 25 years ago a mason question me that what is man made thing which has no error, I went to think about man made machines daily used equipment, tools etc and guessed many things, he reject all my pointed tools, then I tired and let him to tell me, he did not replied only sho

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This is a continuation of an earlier article that I wrote on the subject of Certificates of Merit. I am not surprised that this issue continues to arise.

We continue to see tests of the Texas Civil Practices andĀ RemediesĀ Code due to changes that were a result of the recent tort reform. Case law in the particular area of Certificates of Merit has been evolving and despite some early questionable statements by the Court (see my previous article) it seems to have reached a certain maturity.

In the in


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