Hi every one ,
i forgot to change the prism constant of Leica TS mini prism.
now, I want to get rid of this error ,
i will be highly thank full if you share you ideas .

Advance Thank you

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Hi, you just need to add in the constant when you doing processing.

If I remember correctly, mini-prism's constant is zero. Whatever shots you took with the gun's settings for a rod - say -40mm, in processing you'll have to adjust the distance for each mini shot. Hopefully, you can group those points and with one think of the mouse, you can adjust the distance.

I'm old school...someone might have a better answer.

Hi. It depends on how you set up your instrument and the task you are doing, but it might not be as straight forward as correcting with a constant. How did you set up your instrument? Resection or Ori with coords? What was the constant of the back sight prism and what type of mini prism are you using? Did you take all your measurements from one set-up?  What is more important in your survey - it's position in relation to the control points or internal accuracy? What model is it? I think you can go into the manager and view the EDM you used for each point, but I can't remember of the top of my head if you can actually change it retrospectively. If you can, its something to do with the little round button to the right of the screen with a picture of a page. When you are in manager, viewing the point, you can press this button to change the information displayed about each point. I don't have a Leica in front of me and I can't remember if there is an option to edit. Saffron,

I don't know about leica, but I find it easiest to fix the constants in the data collector using Trimble's TSC3. 

Dears,. Constant for Leica mini prism (EMD) can be both 0.00 OR -17.5mm
what ever you have worked some of your setting out with any of this constant. You have to continue the rest with the same constant to avoid having this approx. 2cm error.

Otherwise you have to start from the beginning with the right setup.



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