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November 20

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i love geography, surveying before going to collage. and 1st. time to tell (working in four seasons hotel in Alexandria - my beloved city , made me another person with much more AMBITION... That's why i traveled to KSA to prove my self in surveying and i'm ready to be G.I.S. specialist when time comes.

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boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, teaching, Survey Office, Construction, Other

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  • Ahmed I hope hes us. Be very proud you have him most of us don't.

  • You have a good looking son , is this new how old is he, you must be proud father.. I talked My Friend,  i must help him fill out form to join. He talks a little English, but does not under stand everything he reads

  • Ahmed, Is that your son?

  • Do not know if you had a manual but you do now

    download this manual free
  • Atmospheric correction
    The distance displayed is correct only if the scale
    correction in ppm (mm/km) which has been entered
    corresponds to the atmospheric conditions
    prevailing at the time of the measurement.
    The atmospheric correction takes air pressure and
    air temperature into account.
    For utmost precision in distance measurements,
    atmospheric correction must be determined with
    1 ppm accuracy, air temperature to 1°C and air pressure
    to 3mb accuracy.

  • hello Ahmed, I have a real good friend who lives here in Texas like me. Me and him both have been surveying over 45 years each. He move here in the 90's, I worked with him up till 2010 he is a Civil Engineer/Surveyor/ and Agriculture ENG. Me and him have done many surveying projects for any kind of surveying .But me and him where the number one construction team for a firm here in Dallas Texas for many years. We worked very large projects and we used GPS and total stations together at same time on many jobs,  for many years. You will like to talk to him , why  because he is from  Alexandria, Egypt.I am trying to get him to join Landsurveyorsunited, if not, if you have another email,  I can give you his and you two can talk,  He is a very good person and i am sure he would help you. we have help each other for many years, We have surveyed many large buildings together. He also loves the city you two call beloved city this must be it's name.


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