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Field Books

Can someone recommend the top three brand field books that a person can buy with longevity in the field and the back pocket ? I I'm thinking I'd like to get a robotic Total Station that's simple to use any ideas there folks?
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"According to Gunter" and The Origin


an early Gunterā€™s scale
photograph: Museum of the History of Science ā€“ Broad Street, Oxford



MEANINGĀ  of according to Gunter: correctly; reliably (synonym:Ā according to Cocker)




Edmund Gunter (1581-1626) was an English mathematician who improved or invented several instruments which bear his name:
ā€“Ā Gunterā€™s chain: a chain of 4 polesā€™ length used in land-surveying;
ā€“Ā Gunterā€™s quadrant: an apparatus for finding the hour of the day, the azimuth, etc.;
ā€“Ā Gunterā€™s scale, also calledĀ Gu


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Survey Legend

We are SO Pleased to announce that Today we accepted our 12,000th land surveyorĀ to the community!! Just a quick note to express gratitude for all of the wonderful land surveyors who follow and contribute to this page and to Land Surveyors United CommunityĀ

Surveying will NEVER DIE!!

Land Surveyor

For too many project development managers, the land surveying portion of the construction process is just a necessary evilā€”something that they must take care of before the real work can begin. However, if you use the right technology, the land surveying process can be a source of real business value for the project as a whole. By getting the project off on the right foot with high-quality land surveying services, you can set the foundation for a project that gets completed on time and within bud

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The Collapse of South Fork Dam and its Impact on Surveying: Introduction and Background
Historical Setting and Construction Details
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This video provides an introduction to understanding topographic maps.Ā  Read the article here:Ā Ā Topographic Mapping Defining Topographic Maps and Their Purpose
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LiDAR processing has been a hot topic, so our team has created a simple workflow with our partners at GreenValley. In this 60-minute webinar replay, we go through the process of strip alignment, removing outliers, classification, accuracyā€¦
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Topographic Mapping: Capturing Detailed Terrain DataAs an experienced land surveyor, I've spent years mastering the art and science of topographic mapping. It's a crucial skill that allows us to capture detailed terrain data and create maps thatā€¦
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The Rotating Laser Level: Revolutionizing Precision in Land Surveying

In the fast-paced, evolving landscape of land surveying, the introduction of the rotating laser level marked a paradigm shift in how professionals approach the measurement andā€¦
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Well this was fun! The guys were joined this week by Bryce Scala, Manager at Selbys, Montanaā€™s premier provider of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction supplies and services. Bryce has been with Selbys for over 27 years! Selbys is also anā€¦

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