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It seems reasonable to think that removing the huge pecan tree east of the ProFlex500 base station antenna would influence the OPUS results.  But my first OPUS report following removal of the tree was included in the current average NAD83(2011) position.  This remains a work in progress.  Over time there will be more OPUS sessions.  Each time I will decide whether to include it in the average or begin again.


The OPUS reports, raw data files, and more photos are available on my projects ftp site.

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Land Surveyor

A Real Land Survey

a real land survey


My client has authorized the release of this material to any interested parties. 


This is an actual situation which I see on a daily basis.


The client contacted me wanting a survey performed on his property. We contracted to survey only Lot 1. This is what we found.


Lot Information

Survey report

6610 Cochran Street. Part of it appears here on the upper right hand corner of the Tax mosaic. Part of i

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Land Surveyor

Chain! "Preferred Land Surveyor"





“Preferred Land Surveyor”


By Pean Cheneying, PLS

This story is fictional and any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidence. 


A repeat client contacted me about a possible purchase of a small commercial site in the center of a suburban city. This client typically purchased commercial properties and then reconditioned them into a profitable businesses. He would then either sell them or retain them depending on the revenue stream and capital gain. We had been able to save him from m

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