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Surveying prices in this bad economy.

Let me first say I have been in business for 22 years, during this time I have seen and been through alot. Over the first 20 years two things wereĀ consistent work and my ability to increase my prices. Over the past two years work has been very inconsistent and prices haveĀ plummeted.Ā Ā Of course we have a bad economy to blame, but what is disturbing is this free fall that hasĀ occurred even as inflation rears its ugly head. My business is surviving these times thanks to a loyal group of clientsĀ who

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I'm Stealing Your Land!


In an article titledĀ "10 Things Your Neighbor Won't Tell You"Ā Quentin Fottrell lists this as #7..."I'm secretly stealing your land.""Few homeowners have heard of "adverse possession," but it's the legal grounds on which a neighbor can claim rights to your land. Say a neighbor moves a fence or wall, or plants trees or a bush. If he encroaches on your property, and no one notices, he can claim "continuous, exclusive, open and notorious" use of that land -- and if he's able to do so for an average

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Survey Wisconsin in a day results...

Survey Wisconsin in a day

Here is a link to an article recently published by the Wisconsin State Cartographerā€™s Office describing the events of ā€œSurveying Wisconsin in a dayā€.

Dozens of member surveyors of the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors around the state simultaneously operated Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to create a massive network of observations, being the largest ever on record for one day in Wisconsin.

I was proud to be a participant in the event. If you navigate around t

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Below are excerpts from a diary my great grandfather kept between 1897 to 1956. He was born March 20, 1875 and started keeping a diary a few months before he turned 22. He lived in East Texas during the time and he worked on survey crews and did a lot of surveying as a young man. His first entries in his diary in January of 1897 are crude chaining notes. Later it is clear he is operating the transit and level. As the year of 1897 wears on his diary becomes more detailed. Below is a selection of


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How LiDAR and Hyperspectral Imaging are Transforming Land Surveying:
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