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A Few Google Maps Features Surveyors Can Use

I've been working a lot with online maps lately (ie LSU Member Map) and I came across a few hidden features for Google Maps that all of my land surveying buddies need to know about.

Distance Measurement in Google Maps Labs

How Do I get to Google Maps Labs?
Glad you asked...just go HERE when logged in to your Google or Gmail account.

Here are a Few More Features you may be interested in:

Google Maps Labs features

And for those surveyors out there who use Google Chrome Browser, here is a nice extension called Select to Get Maps which allows you to sele
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On GeoMessages, you can share your location info as a signature for the messages (email, SMS) right from your phone.
There could be many advantages for a land surveyor to use GeoMessages from the field. Just read what one of their customers said about the application: "This mobile application has one simple but effective feature, it allows you to save a location in Google Maps. So for example, when you park your car you can find your way back to it's exact location. Or, imagine you have checked
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I want to give everyone on LSU an update to my last blog post about helping to keep the University of Maine Surveying Engineering Technology Program funded.

In that blog post I told you that the University of Maine (UMaine) had asked that each of its departments cut their budgets, which could have been catastrophic to the UMaine Survey Engineering Technology (SVT) Program.

I'm happy to report that UMaine has decided not to cut the SVT Program after all. In fact, UMaine has asked that the SVT Progr
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With all of the discussion on the web about how cloud computing will change or is changing the land surveying industry, its hard to not wonder who out there (including myself) might be a complete "Dummy" when it comes to all of this new technology. So with that said, I've been doing some research on "Cloud Computing" and came up with a few great resources I want to share. But first, let me show you "Cloud Computing for Dummies."

Read it here on LSU or download it for later:
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Displaying GPS Tracks on Googlemaps Without need for API Key

Google Maps can display GPS tracks without you getting a google API userid. Just pass the URL to the KML file and all the points will be displayed. You use [].The file can be waypoints, traces or routes as far as I can tell.

You can also pass a Lat-Lon query in and it will show you the point. [] It is a quick way to share interesting places around the globe.

There's a bunch more you can do if you have

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