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Hello Respectable Members!How do I go about using Surfer and Autocad Softwares to computes volume of X.Y and Z coordinates.Thanks!Oluwafemi

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  • What is the basis for the computation of volumes in surface to surface method? It is the survey points or the contour lines of the surfaces?

  • hello member,plc share me this program my email

  • Many thanks to everyone.
    You all remain bless!
  • Many thanks to everyone.
    You all remain bless!
  • Using surfer do the following steps.

    1. if you have the csv file then go to GRID then Data, for X select the EASTING for Y select NOTHING and Z for ELEVATION. then press OK to generate GRD report file. save it.

    2. Go to Data then Volume, select the generated GRD file then modify the Lower Surface Constant to the desired level of excavation.

    3. You are done! You will see from the report the Volume computation using Trapezoidal, Simpson's & Simpson's 3/8 rules for volume comparison.

    You can also plot your generated GRD file to contour.... just go to MAP - NEW - CONTOUR MAP ;)

  • "AutoCAD Civil 3D" is the best & simple software for computing volume (using E,N,Z)...
    First you need to make two surfaces (One is Bottom Surface and another is Top Surface)
    After that go to menu bar (Surface--Utility--Volume Dashboard)
    Here you will get the option for compare two surfaces...
    • I beg to disagree. On the other hand, any surveyor would agree on that the most powerful and flexible representation of a topographic surface is a set of contours compiled by an experienced topographer. Hence, the best volume computation must be based on contour lines. Furthermore, that computation must be based on the accepted property of any surface defined by an adjacent pair of contours, namely that the surface must vary linearly between the limiting contours. Which is the same as to say that the surface must be ruled. Ergo, the most faithful computation of volumes under a topographic surface is obtained when the said surface is ruled, as anybody who has studied Descriptive Geometry should remember. 

  • Voxler can calculate volume from an Isosurface module or a FaceRender module.  With an Isosurface or FaceRender module is selected in the Network Manager, click the General tab in the Property Manager. Expand Isosurface or Facerender respectively.  Check the box next to Compute volume to display the volume values. The Isosurface will display the value above and below the specific isovalue. The FaceRender module shows approximate volume which is controlled by the blocks that are visible.

     Transcribed from SURFER instructions

    Albert H J Christensen

  • Sorry my friend you may read SURFER manual, they are in pdf format all over the net.

  • Using autocad civil 3d greater version than 2010 . create a csv files import data create the surfaces . now under menu bar go analyse then create surface and select comparable surfaces then oky. You get your volume
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