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  • I have several tsc2 o tsc3; For me the problems is within this:

    -A job with a heavy sized (dxf, etc)  Solution: Clean your collector and improve dxf.

    -A bad calibration or bad system coordinate defined. Solution: Start new job and no copy jobs older.

    -A firmware problem between the computer trimble business, data transfer and  the collector.

    -A windows problem that you have to reinstalll the program.

    • Thanks for all the reply's....transferred files to computer, didn't realize I had that many jobs in there...hopefully this will work 

  • Have seen similar with tds ranger 3, bad connection on battery contacts was the issue I had. Used the old eraser to contact trick hasn't happened since. Generally dump our collectors onto an external hard drive every few weeks as well. Hope the issue is solved..
  • Make a copy of all jobs on the controller onto Laptop data storage. Delete unused jobs, old data and uneeded logs and reset controller.

    If still not resolved visit website to download an updated version of field controller software and how to do factory reset.

    Good luck!
  • I have had my TSC3 give me the same error.  It popped up several times within a couple of days.  I cleaned out a lot of the old jobs and haven't seen it since.  I don't know if that had anything to do with it or if it was just coincidence, but it worked for me.

  • Last time I saw this it was a battery problem. How is the battery life on the TSC2 for you?

    • Battery life is pretty has been real cold lately and that might have something to do with it...just never saw this before...not even last year in the cold weather...just charged battery tonight will check it out tomorrow...thanks..

      Ritchie, local rep not sure and of course they want me to upgrade....

  • Goodness Gracious Ron Berry has anybody gotten back to you yet?
    Have you tried phoning the Trimble representative in your area ?
    I may someday buy a data collector, I wonder if I'll buy Trimble?
    • Since we got the TSC3 it has been smooth sailing. The screens also started to go out in the TSC2 so our company upgraded.

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