Hi guys , 

Looking for recommendations on microsoft surface pro .

i want to buy one and use it with autocad in field . 

Do do know if its work fine with autocad and stylus pen ????

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Nope... I would not take a Surface Pro into an outdoor environment... period.  And I talking about a real-world rain, dirt, dust, humid environment, not a couple hours in the hammock and shade environment.

If you want something like a tablet for on the fly field work. Take a look at the Panasonic CF-20  Its' Ip65 and MIL-STD810G rated.  (ie.. you can dunk it in water.. briefly)  Microsoft does not mention operating or environmental limits nor either of these standards in their specs.

Take a good look before you buy a Surface Pro for what you are talking about doing.  

Good Luck,


I dont think i need it for outdoor use , im just interested of using it for indoor planning and sketching. 

Well, Your post said "use it with autocad in field" ???  Also, Autocad and all its associated modules, 3D Civil in particular, are hardware power hungry.  The 8 gig ram is bare bones minimum as well as the graphics.  If you use Autocad daily and/or in any cooperative plan production environments, I think the Surface Pro will disappoint you. 

At my previous job my manager had one with AutoCAD Civil 3D loaded on to it. He said it works, but it can be slow at times.

If you are strictly using it indoors and for meetings, it might be worth it, but if you can get by with a more powerful laptop, that might be better. There are a lot of attachments that you can get with it to make it function as a regular desktop using a standard monitor/keyboard.

All and all, it can work depending on the model you get, and the amount of drafting you intend to do with it. If you're planning on doing heavy drafting design work, I would go with something else. If its light work, it might be something to look in to.

I have a gen 2 i7 8gb one and I dont use it much due to the slows running Civil 3d or TBC also had a firmware battery issue and it was aprox 8 month before Microsoft came up with a fix (could not use it unplugged would just die, over all good for odds and ends however I woud not buy another 


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