Good afternoon from England.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but is there a (ideally free) software utility for calculating a stockpile volume from a csv (or dxf) file?

I've got several piles of excavated materials and the client needs to know the volume of the materials removed.

Any help or advice (or a link to a download) would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thanks folks.

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Send me the dxf or csv and I'll run it through our N4ce software so you can check the results buddy.

Hi Paul - I'll take you up on your offer once I've got a few tools installed - be interesting to compare results between different software :-)

Oddly it won't let me comment on chrome desktop.... What I was trying to say was.... Great.. I'll wait for the data

Hi Paul, here's the survey DXF and csv files.  On the dxf, the base is in green and the top is in red.

Be interesting to know what the volume is via N4CE - thanks.

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here you go. I had to string them together and took one from the other after modelling.

have a look at the base and top models to see. Volume table also attached.

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Thanks Paul, that's very helpful and gives us a baseline that we can compare other volume calculation software packages against.

Using CADTools to calculate the volume (in Almost Exact mode) gives a result of 580.6 which is not far off your N4CE calculation of 594.7.

I'm still trying to get TOPOCal up and running and hope to report on that package soon.

Thanks again,


Hi folks,

Quick update:

A collegue has run the survey through LSS and the calcuated volume is 582.6 which compares well to N4CE and CADTools.

Just need a bit of playtime to see what TopoCal can do (but as it's all in spanish it might take a bit of time - unless anyone a. has TopoCal and b. can translate how to calculate a volume...)


you can used autocad civil 3d to students in there its possible import point in the file what do you want . 

Hi Rubens, I've had a play with Civil 3D in the past trying to do volumn calculations and found it to be difficult to get into.  IMHO it's about time Autodesk rebuilt Civil 3D and made it much simpler and intuative to use...

Thanks for the suggestion.

no formula for volume compuattion on that file

Hi All

Full Disclosure : I am the Founder\Director of Kubla Ltd.

We offer a free software product for this called Kubla Cubed Lite.  You can download it from our website

We charge for the pro edition that has a lot more tools.

The free version is for calculating building pads using the "platform element" however you can use a little trick to calculate stockpiles in this way.  

1) Load the stockpile as "existing" either the .csv or excel.

2) Create an outline around your surface.

3) Draw a building pad at the base line of your pile.

4) Set the building pad elevation to the base elevation of your pile.

.... The cut volume will be the volume of the pile.   Basically you are saying what is the cut if I level this area off for a building a pad.

The volume changes depending on where you put the base and what you consider to be the extents of the pile.  I calculate 500.60 cubic metres.  However this would change depending on how much of the pile you level off.  I made an assessment that the edge of the pile was offset somewhat from the points and the base level was 70.90.


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