My company(Consultant) transferred me to a new project a 4 TOWERS consisting of 34 floors and linked in pairs from the top. The piles and shoring system works were carried out by 95%. When reviewing the Control Points of the project, I found that they used the Scale Factor in the implementation.

Note that

* Dimensions of the building are 100 * 100 meters.

* Tolerance is 7 cm in pile.  
the question
- Is it possible to complete the building with a Scale Factor?

- Or any one have another solution?

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Dear Anthony Whitlock

I agree with you in all what you said, and we already coordinated with civil and architectural to correct this matter after studying the relationship between the piles and the foundation of the building but the project is currently suspended for other reasons, so after correction i will raise what happened. 
I like to thanking and appreciate you, you have an open mind to deal with any problems and this is came from your experience.

thanks& best regards 

Good thread and some nice comments here. Apart from the 1st reply!

That's really annoying to say the least because they stretch all the coordinates by applying a scale factor. The trouble I faced in Riyadh for the CMA tower project was the same. The surveyors use UTM system (from Municipality) to do the preliminary survey. Based on that survey the designers placed the building and axes etc, ... Now when they started setting out the project, the question was "scale factor" or not ? Of course not and this is not because the coordinates are in UTM that you have to apply the 0,9996 scale factor for setting out. On the contrary, you need to start with the minimum datum (1 point E,N,h, and an orientation) and keep all the measurements "scale free" otherwise comparing distances will lead to disaster. Ok the distances are not long and the scale factor applied my mistake will not lead to serious problem but it adds biases and we, surveyors, don't like systematic errors and biases. So the answer is clear : no scale factor for setting out. What to do when you face that situation ? That's a lot of work to re-define a proper datum and to understand what has been poised and what is saved ... Any help on that ? Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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