I would like to start that discussion about the Open Source software RTK-LIB that allows anyone to post-process GNSS observations (RINEX) for free and also to perform RTK (RTCM).

It seems UAV hobbyists and robots makers are more familiar than surveyors with the RTK-LIB. That library has been developed by Mr TAKAZU from Japan. 

RTKLIB is an open source program package for standard and precise positioning with GNSS (global navigation satellite system). RTKLIB consists of a portable program library and several APs (application programs) utilizing the library.

I would very much appreciate your feedbacks on that topic and on what GNSS post-processing software you are working with ? It seems post-processing a bit of fashion nowadays but RTK-LIB can also carry on your observations in RTK mode and even using PPP.

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We "discovered" RTKLIB in 2011 and have since used it almost exclusively for our GNSS applications, ranging from long range static to short range highly dynamic kinematic post processed surveys. We started off with L1 (because the L1 OEM boards were so much cheaper than dual frequency boards) but soon learned that for a commercial and professional operation the second frequency is indispensable. We also learned very early that the operational baggage that comes with RTK was in most of our jobs just not worth carrying. Hence we are doing everything post processed.

For long range absolute positioning we use downloadable CORS observations or, when available, on line positioning services such as OPUS in the US or SAPOS in Germany. For short range dynamic work we use our own software, CamPos which uses RTKLIBs post processing module as well as the event marking method and subsequent linear interpolation technique to very accurately determine the coordinates of camera exposure and other marked events. 

It is mainly through the use of RTKLIB that we have been rather successful with our V-Map systems  which are now being used all over the world by UAV mapping operators to both accurately fix camera exposure positions for direct geo-referencing or to perform Ground Control and Validation Point Surveys on the survey rod in classical terrestrial base/rover setups. The beauty about the V-Map system is that the multi frequency, multi-constellation, high frequency, super small and super light (120g !) receivers are completely platform independent and can thus be mounted on any drone or other platforms such as hydro survey boats or even your good old survey rod. And they come free of charge with CamPos, the post processing software that leads you through the workflow from RINEX conversions through to geo-tagging of your aerial or terrestrial images. Here is a video showing how a ground control point is surveyed with the V-Map system: 

In addition to shortening the learning curve in precise positioning for new-comers and old hands in the UAV mapping world, the V-Map solution comes in very competitively in terms of pricing as well. Feel free to inquire at www.v-map.net for further technical and pricing information.

For comparison to the conventional main line vendor rover products, the grey box contains V-Map base and rover with antennas and batteries and camera.

V-Map receiver connected to a Sony a6000 as payload on a DJI M600 platform. 

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Hi Joel

My experience is with LGO and Pinnacle (... Magnet ...).

I knew RTK-LIB in 2016 and I appreciated immediately his interface. It need a fine "tuning" of the calc settings, and the results may are poor if some parameters are wrong estimated.

In these days I beginning to probe RTK-LIB with Beidou and Galileo, cause my licensed "branded" softwares don't support the new constellation.

Finally, I mean RTK-LIB a good choice if You have a small/medium post-proc survey.


Carlo Alberto


Dear Carlo, Many thanks for your feedback and yes GALILEO and BEIDOU are disrupting existing GNSS PP software while RTK-LIB is handling even PPP !

You might also want to check out:


AUSPOS is a free online GPS data processing facility provided by Geoscience Australia. It takes advantage of both the IGS Stations Network and the IGS product range. AUSPOS works with data collected anywhere on Earth.


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