How does everyone make corrections their lath markings when out in the field? Currently we're using a pocket knife to scrape off mistakes/out of date information. I'm thinking that their should be an easier way.

We try to reuse lath where we can. Typically it's just for a change in offset, and I'm looking for an easier way then using a pocket knife.


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Usually just replace the lath.
I use a machete. It's the same principle but easier and faster.

 Hi Jon,

Simple just use paint, but you have to let it dry. But there are fast drying paints. There is the cost of the paint, but a bright color also means no need for flagging. But if you have time for the paint to dry ,best ways to reuse lath's. The paint will be a lot cheaper than new wood. Do not use marking or surveyors upside down spray can paint,just buy normal spay can paint that will dry fast . The can will say fast drying.Pick out something cheap and make sure your markers will write on it. You save on wood and flagging.

Nice Sturgeon

I just cross it out & rewrite it if there is room on the lath.  If not, I replace the lath.  At $150/hr field crew time, and $0.60 per lath, if it takes more than 15 seconds the lath is cheaper than the labor.

?? Either cross it out ( a one time change ) or change the lath.   You'll find that $0.50 for a clean lath suddenly looked reeeaaaalllly cheap when the contractor tries to charge YOU to move a manhole after its been set in the wrong place due to a confusing marked up lath.

have you tried using some spray paint that your permanent markers can write onto? and somebody already said it, i now see...

I use a wood rasp to edit stake markings, safer than a knife.

We just use our marker and color over it really dark and then write the correction on it.
Most of the time we replace the lath.

Lath?? We never used that term but I figured it out from the context. I once saw a lay out crew move the location of a whole section of condos because somebody (definitely not me) used a stake from across the road that had property corner written on it to mark the corner of a building, completely ignoring the rest of the building lay out stakes. Fortunately I noticed the error before they did any digging. Never assume anything, especially in regard to what a crew might do & always double check everything, not only what somebody else did but also double check what you did!

This is so so true, more site supers don't understand why we can't just use what's there. I try to explain, what if they made a mistake? Who is going to pay for my mistake by using the other surveyors work?

I had a surveyor working for me one summer who was a little light-handed when driving lath.  I like to see them driven in far enough so that it takes two hands and a winch to pull them, but the ones he drove took far less effort to remove.  A rather windy afternoon made the site look like someone had played "pick up sticks" and the concrete crew decided to replace the lath themselves.  Needless to say they didn't put them back in the original positions, so we had PC's at low points, high points at curb inlets, and a variety of other misplaced locations.  Fortunately the contractor also had some forms and other construction stuff blown around the site and he was more than willing to pay us to come back and re-stake the site.


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