The easiest would be to post a few images on the problem. If it has happened to anyone before they would recognize the pattern immediately and possibly explain to me why this happens.

Problem in a nutshell: Person surveys a gravel road with a rover. They start on one side with a cross-section, say left to right, and then move on about 10-15m for the next section, which will be from right to left, and so on. A normal section would start with a spotshot on the boundary fence, shoulder, edge of gravel, centre line, edge of gravel, shoulder and finish with boundary fence.

Once the breaklines are connected in the office, some sections produce what I call a "wobble". This wobble-effect I've seen a lot but only very small, until I've seen these extreme examples and took greater notice of it. Now I need to try and understand it as to why it happens.

Notice the pattern in the wobble and the fact that the "arrow" it forms points in the opposite direction of the surveyor's route.

Does anybody recognize this?

Notice the GP1 shots..

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And remember, the bad shots' positions are always before the correct shot.

It's almost like the GPS takes the correct position but then averages it's position with the previous recorded shot.

I know on some systems there is a setting like that, but also remember that if it was that, it would've affected the whole session. not just part of it, and not as gradual as this data is.

Well  it looks to me like user error, or equipment error. I'd discuss it with the party chief who acquired the bad data.. Sorry I couldn't help more

Well, it looks to me like to have a classic example of a "Random Error" phenomenon, more commonly referred to in polite terms as "AAAAWWW   WELL.... CRAP!!!!..." 


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