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The Best Land Surveyor Resources You Might Not Be Using

Land Surveyors United Community will turn 15 years old in 2022!  We've come a long way, together.  Keeping this community alive has been a labor of love to say the least.   My love for all of you, even those I haven't yet met, is what keeps me active and in constant pursuit of ways to make the community better, with no budget.  Every single day, the tools below help a surveyor find a job, source affordable equipment, solve a problem or simply improve in their surveying career.   This post is all about the mountain of free tools that have been developed to make your life easier.  No one paid me to build these tools, but judging by the feedback over the years, they are needed.   I only ask that if you find them useful, please consider making a contribution to help with the financial upkeep of the community.  We are all here to become better land surveyors.  

Here are just a few of the land surveyor resources that I built for you that you might not be using, yet:




Land Surveying JobsSurveyor Jobs

International Surveying Jobs Board - always fresh jobs for surveyors anywhere in the world

        Post your Resume to the Jobs Board so Recruiters in the community can find you!

        If you are looking for a job, make sure your Profile is set to Seeking Employment.

        All of the latest jobs pump through the Jobs page inside the community.

        Post your available jobs and surveying opportunities to the board for added visibility

        Use the Resume/CV generator to highlght your experience on your profile

        Follow the Land Surveying Jobs Page and the Surveyor Jobs Group on Facebook 


9940148662?profile=RESIZE_400xSurveying Companies

Surveying Company Directory - list your company where the public can find you

Smarketplace Virtual Mall- community driven marketplace powered by vendors in the community

Toolkits for Surveyors

       Surveying Business Toolkit      

        Surveying Jobs Toolkit 


Mentorship Matching - helping New Surveyors connect with Seasoned Surveyors through mentorship

              If you are new to land surveying, you might appreciate all of the knowledge shared inside the Surveyors Almanac

              If you are an experienced surveyor, feel free to share your experience inside the Surveying Articles.

                                         Feel free to also share your published articles to this section, no matter the age.


Land Surveyor Radio - Always up to date podcasts from all of the Land Surveying Podcasts

Updated Global Member Map - Where else can a surveyor connect with other surveyors in literally every country on planet Earth?

                  Be sure to join and contribute to your Location Based Hub inside the community to show a strong local representation of land surveyors.

Outside of Land Surveyors United Community

Our Linkedin Group with over 9,400 members

Our Twitter at @landsurveyorsU with 5300 followers...

Our Facebook page with over 54,000 surveyors following


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