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QR code - Google Maps - LSU Member Map

Today I'm going to take a  short break on the Happy Birthday LSU posts and explain something that has been on my mind for over a year now.  Namely, the ways that QR codes and bar code scanning may change the way surveyors do business in the near future.


Surveyors, did you know that there is such a thing as a paper-based hyperlink?  Imagine this:  You get to a jobsite with a set of plans and each page has this wierd code at the bottom that looks like this to your right.  What is it?  It a Qu

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Happy Birthday Land Surveyors United! Part Three


NOTE:  This is an update to an original post from 2011 on our 4th birthday

As you may have noticed from the top of the logo, it is Land Surveyors United's 10th birthday and to celebrate this occasion, I've decided to write the story of how LSU was created, the ideas which gave birth to this network and where it is headed. Keep in mind that I am writing these posts straight from my mind and will most likely not go back and edit them until I have reached the end, so just enjoy these raw memories

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Happy Birthday Land Surveyors United! Part Two

NOTE:  This is an update to an original post from 2011 on our 4th birthday

11707313_10152839251601673_1373366733506595045_n.jpg?oh=708f30d808ac23ea506d2ea17e802c2f&oe=596B3CF7&width=200As a kid, I spent every moment of time outside of school in a reprographics shop owned by my father, where surveyors and engineers were in and out all day.  Somewhere along the line, I learned the needs of surveyors for getting their work done and at times worked really hard to help my dad meet deadlines by running prints, delivering equipment or whatever it took. As an adult and college graduate, I found myself gravitati

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Happy Birthday Land Surveyors United! Part One


NOTE:  This is an update to an original post from 2011 on our 4th birthday

Hi. Its about time I reintroduced myself to all of the wonderful and talented surveyors in this community. My name is Justin Farrow and I have been creating and maintaining Land Surveyors United for exactly 10 years. Many of you may not be aware of this, as I do not make a huge deal out of birthdays, but March is Land Surveyors United's birthday month. This year, LSU turns 10 years old this week and to commemorate this o

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1198850657?profile=originalFor those of you who don't know me, I'm Ty Olinghouse  Many of you may know that I recently started working with Skip of Palmetto Equipment to help sell his existing equipment  and simultaneously I am working close with LSU Justin on many new and exciting features that we'll be rolling out in the coming days.

I have just received permission to reduce prices of everything in stock for Land Surveyors United Members by 15% or 20% on top of the already slashed prices. Visit our new store that we've b

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ePalmetto Creates A Store Which Accepts Offers

New ePalmetto Store
A Surveyor-Centric Equipment Store which Accepts Offers
Many of you who have bought equipment from Palmetto Equipment and Supply in the past know that ePalmetto is no stranger to innovation in the surveying industry. They also happen to be completely comfortable putting themselves in the place of the everyday land surveyor. Times are is scarce and unlike many surveying equipment distributors, Skip would rather not constantly bombard you with shiny new e
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