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Why is Land Surveying Beneficial?

From construction layout of high-rise steel structures to 3-D laser scanning, Land surveyors perform comprehensive surveying services for commercial and residential developments, buildings, highways, bridges, utilities, waterways, and property acquisitions. Experienced land surveyors utilize state-of-the-art equipment and practical innovation to reduce survey costs and expedite the completion of projects while maintaining a superior product for our clients.

Land surveying involves measuring and determining property boundaries. Property boundaries are the basis for all property transactions, including buying, selling, mortgaging, and leasing. A secure and strong property market requires certainty in the location of property boundaries. The location of property boundaries and knowledge of matters that may affect land ownership requires specialized training. 

GIS is the framework that provides the ability to capture, store, manage, and analyze spatial and geographical data. Polosoft Technologies, a leading GIS services provider in the USA and UK offer tailored GIS services to our clients globally, for getting spatial information mapped and interpreted. Polosoft Technologies developed solutions that store, analyze, and display geographical information for better navigation. 

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Cost savings resulting from greater efficiency 


It is associated either with carrying out the work process (i.e., labor savings from automating or improving a workflow) or improvements in the mission itself. A proper condition for both of the scenarios is not so common, which utilized GIS in logistics operations and has seen dramatic improvements. It considerably reduced the time taken for the dispatchers to create routes for their home delivery trucks by about 75%.  It led to hugely benefiting and enormously reducing the costs of carrying out the mission (i.e., 12%-15% less drive time by optimizing routes) and in turn improving customer service, reducing the number of return visits to the same site, and scheduling all the appointments more efficiently.


Better decision making 


This typically has to do with making better decisions about location.  Common examples include real estate site selection, route/corridor selection, zoning, planning, conservation, natural resource extraction, etc.  People are beginning to realize that making the correct decision about a location is strategic to the success of an organization.

Improved communication



GIS-based maps and visualizations greatly assist in understanding situations and storytelling.  They are a new language that improves communication between different teams, departments, disciplines, professional fields, organizations, and the public.

Better geographic information recordkeeping



Many organizations have a primary responsibility of maintaining authoritative records about the status and change of geography (geographic accounting).  Cultural geography examples are zoning, population census, land ownership, and administrative boundaries. Physical geography examples include forest inventories, biological inventories, environmental measurements, water flows, and a whole host of geographic accountings.  


Managing geographically


In government and many large corporations, GIS is becoming essential to understand what is going on. Senior administrators and executives at the highest levels of government use GIS information products to communicate. These products provide a visual framework for conceptualizing, understanding and prescribing action.  Examples include briefings about various geographic patterns and relationships including land use, crime, the environment, and defense/security situations. GIS is increasingly being implemented as an enterprise information system.  This goes far beyond simply spatially enabling business tables in a DBMS.

Land Surveying Drafting is a typical process when you think of any GIS services and Polosoft Technologies has been doing it flawlessly for years. Our team is efficient in storing, analyzing, and displaying the data provided by land surveyors. As a prominent name when it comes to data digitization and mapping with our LiDAR services.

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I am land surveyor and passionate about new technologies. I am always in learning mode. I was born as an Entrepreneur and keep growing myself as being an IT entrepreneur. I have More than 17 Years of experience in Information Technology and Architect solution, Software services, Mobility, LiDAR Data Processing, GIS Mapping, and CAD Drafting.

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