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How GIS and Land Surveying Are Complementary?

Summary: With the rapid advancement in the GIS field, land surveying has been easier in most aspects. Professional land surveyors provide data for the GIS and use the data to provide more accurate, and less expensive surveys. 

The advancement of GIS has resulted in a demand from clients of land survey firms to have all of their digital data delivered in a GIS format creating a need for many small and mid-sized firms to build and maintain a GIS department. Spatial data should be well documented so that it can be used for the application that is suited. 

Surveyors mine the GIS database of attributed geometry by following hyperlinks within the application environment. The GIS gathers information captured from previous surveys and projects to help users locate documentation and information quickly. Fast location and access saves time, reduces cost, and improves productivity. In the past 30 years, the pace of advancement for the computer-based software tools is so rapid that the surveyors can sometimes feel challenged to keep up with the trend.


Why Should The Surveyors Choose GIS Tools? 

  • GIS tools determine, measure, and represent land, 3D objects, point fields, and trajectories. 
  • The tools help assemble and interpret land and geography-related information and use it for planning and efficient administration of land. 
  • Help in conducting research and development practices. 

Surveyors gather a lot of data. In fact, they need a way to quickly access and manipulate it, and guess what? That’s exactly where GIS comes in. Businesses and governments rely on GIS to solve critical functions and spatial accuracy that can only be delivered by professionals land surveyors. GIS is an extremely useful tool for spatial information. Using tools such as LiDAR, laser scanning, and mobile mapping, collecting massive amounts of data has become really hassle-free.

Integration of GIS and Surveying

A GIS application plugin for AutoCAD allows users to leverage the data within the AutoCAD desktop environment. The survey data used in GIS is the same used in CAD functions. GIS is built on the measurement of the location provided by the science of surveying and geodetic measurement.  

Benefits Of Using GIS In Land Surveys

Land Surveys has experienced surveyors located nationally, who can be immediately engaged to capture, convert or improve your existing GIS database. 

  • GIS provides a scalable solution, for the best and relevant information to be delivered in a rapid manner.
  • The use of GIS data can help streamline large-scale decision making, and improve projects on a large-scale. 
  • Fully immersive, correlated and up to date 3D spatial data environments for design, visualization, and communication.

Land surveys that can be done using GIS technology are:

  • ALTA Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Location Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Topographic Survey

Data collected in the field are processed electronically by survey technicians and professional surveyors to produce quality final products whether it is a survey plan or engineering data to be used in design and construction. Land Surveying and GIS are growing beside each other, improving both of their strengths. 

New economies are driving new and advanced technologies and GIS technology is quickly applying itself to niche surveying techniques. Leaders in both surveying and GIS industries are all beginning to recognize the opportunities that come with the cooperation of GIS tools in land surveying. These two industries are two complementary disciplines waiting to grow beside each other.

Tailored GIS mapping services for specific business requirements are in high demand now. In the case of land surveying, GIS plays an important role as it helps in different types of surveys and can cater to different industries as per your business requirements. It’s important to choose a reputed GIS services company that would provide you with an all in one package.

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