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Focus on Land Survey Data Collectors

The Role of Data Collection in Land Surveying

Land surveys are an important part of the everyday lives of every person living in a modern civilization. Without realizing it, we use the data collected by land surveyors on a daily basis for building, construction and maps. In today's guide we shall look at the role and purpose of land survey data collectors.


Purpose of Land Survey Data Collectors

Land surveys have been around since almost the beginning of man, and there are examples of land surveys dating back to the ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC.  (Learn more about Surveying History)

Land survey data collectors have many purposes and it is in fact a very broad area. People require land survey data collectors for many different reasons, some for personal reasons whereas in many cases it's for government records and commercial ventures.

Before purchasing any real estate, people are advised to have a land survey data collector conduct a land survey of the property as it is a legal document that establishes land ownership and helps avoid any lawsuits that may arise in the future over the subject of land ownership.

Every single map that you have ever used and will continue to use is based around an original land survey. While the actual map you are looking at may not be a land survey, it will have originated as a land survey and developed into the maps you use.

If a map needs to be redrawn or created from scratch then land survey data collectors are required to perform a land survey from which the map can be created.

So what exactly do land survey data collectors do to create land surveys?

Role of the Land Survey Data Collectors

The most important part of creating land surveys is the data collection. Without accurate data there is no land survey. Land survey data collectors have the important role of setting up special land surveying equipment and taking precise measurements and collecting that data for use in a land survey.

There are several different types of land surveys so the land survey data collectors need to be able to know what type of data and measurements need to be taken to create the land survey that is required.

The two main types of land surveys are boundary surveys and topographic maps - however there are dozens of other categories that land survey data collectors need to understand. Boundary surveys require the land survey data collectors to establish the boundaries between land owners, essentially who owns what in the eyes of the law.

Topographic land surveys are generally much more detailed and require the land survey data collectors to measure the elevation of various points on a specific piece of land and use that data to draw contour lines on a plot.

Land survey data collectors are highly skilled professionals that must have a strong grasp of mathematics, physics, law and engineering to be successful in their role.

Below we shall look at some of the tools and techniques that land survey data collectors use to complete their work.

Tools and Methods Used By Land Survey Data Collectors

Land survey data collectors need to use a wide range of methods and tools in their roles. The majority of land surveying is based around the fundamentals of mathematics, and some of the methods used for land survey data collection include trigonometry, triangulation and geometry.

There are a range of tools that land survey data collectors use, some a lot more advanced than others. Many of the tools that land survey data collectors use these days are electronic, such as a total station, which allows the data they collect to be much more accurate.

GPS systems are commonly used by modern land survey data collectors and are relatively accurate, however there is still room for improvement. The accuracy of GPS is affected by several factors including the amount of forestation surrounding the area that may affect the satellite signals. Land survey data collectors must be able to use a range of different methods to ensure the accuracy of the data they collect.


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