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We've come a long way, together. If you haven't noticed, our team has been working diligently behind the scenes for almost 2 months and we've completely overhauled the entire community- making it faster, cleaner and easier to navigate. We even have a brand new all inclusive Land Surveyors United app, which contains within it almost every single other app ever built for surveyors, by Justin. There are many exciting updates, but today...
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Big welcome to all of our new members on Land Surveyors United!   Just 100 more surveyors and we'll be at 20,000 worldwide!  Wow!   We should be running into one another at the grocery store! Surveyor Jobs |  Surveyor Radio  |  Find or Sell Used Equipment |  Mentorship Here are a few new features and resources to check out!
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DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) delineates where it is safe to fly, where flight may raise concerns, and where flight is restricted. DJI prohibits flight in GEO zones around airports, power plants, and prisons. DJI also temporarily prohibits flight around major stadium events, forest fires, or other emergency situations. Certain GEO zones don’t prohibit flight but do trigger warnings that inform users of potential risks. DJI GEO zones are not the same as FAA-controlled airspace; the two systems are entirely separate.

DJI made significant changes to its system for unlocking GEO zones that prohibit flight. Unlocking low-risk zones requires just a few taps or clicks, while high-risk zones require users to submit particular credentials to ensure compliance with local policies and regulations.



Clicking the “Unlock a Zone” button at will now deliver a far different result.

how to unlock USE.jpg

Instead of bringing you to the custom or self unlock toggle screen, you are now kicked back to a log in screen and then into a whole new dashboard for managing your devices and their unlocking licenses.

(It is important to note that the old links - and are still live. It is not certain when these links will be disabled, but DJI support says they will flip the switch soon.)

What’s more? Now you can unlock authorization zones directly in the app. You’ll need an active internet/cell connection, but so long as you update to the latest firmware, app, and GEO zone database versions, you will be able to unlock authorization zones on the fly. When in an authorization zone, and your flight status says “Cannot Take Off,” push both sticks down and in as if you were going to start the motors, and a pop up for the unlock will appear.

Unlocking authorization zones has gotten a lot easier in the app. But, you can still manually unlock zones through ahead of your flights. It is important to note that you still need to submit a custom unlock for restricted zones (e.g., red zones).


DJI now requires quite a bit more verification of your information before actually allowing you to proceed to your actual unlocking request, which might sound like a headache to most.

Upon clicking “Unlock a Zone” at, DJI kicks you back to a log in screen where you will need to log into your DJI account. While this seems unnecessarily redundant, this could be a welcomed measure. Our best guess is that it keeps individuals from requesting unlocking licenses inadvertently through the wrong DJI account and then not having their unlocking licenses appear on devices logged into a mismatched account.

After you’ve logged in, DJI takes you to a new dashboard. To proceed to your unlocking license requests, DJI first routes you to some identity authentication/verification steps, putting a new speed bump in the process. Once you complete the verification steps, you will be able to access the dashboard. It is important to note that you should only have to authenticate your email and phone number the first time you set up your dashboard (which is nice!).


The new dashboard has some welcomed new features, including the ability to “add a device” (drone) and pilots to your account via their flight controller serial numbers/models and DJI accounts, respectively. These features aim to organize fleets of aircraft, whether across a company or a personal fleet and potentially across multiple DJI accounts.

The ability to save pilot and aircraft information is a welcomed one. Seemingly gone are the days of having to recall or write down your “flight controller serial number” somewhere to use it for unlocking. DJI’s new dashboard will save the FCSN within the device identity, so you’ll only have to input it once for each device you add to your dashboard.

After you have your dashboard set up, you will be able to proceed to your unlocking requests.

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new unlock request.png
  • Zone Unlocking” is like your typical “self unlock” request. If you select this option, you can unlock authorization zones the same way you did before.

  • Custom Unlocking” allows you to define a specific area within a Geofenced zone for your flight utilizing a polygon or radius that you draw yourself on the map provided. Each custom unlocking request requires you to attach some documentation to proceed with the request. The required documentation may change depending on the type of zone. Authorization zones typically need less official documentation than restricted zones to unlock.

Once you have submitted your request, DJI will send you back to the dashboard screen where DJI displays your pending and approved flights.

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type pilots devices.png

For a complete in-depth step by step walkthrough of unlocking DJI GEO zones using DJI’s new dashboard go to

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As far as online communities go, most communities would give their left arm to have their own International Jobs Board, Community Marketplace, Company Directory, Community driven apps, global hubs for every country and so much more for you to freely use that you will not find anywhere else.   You can now find all of these tools gathered together in one place - The Surveyors Wiki.    
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For over a decade, one of the most requested features from members of the community is a way to hover over a member for a quick snapshot of their profile (like Facebook and Twitter) before having to click over to someone's profile.  Not only does it save time, but it also helps you connect with only those other members who share your interests in surveying, geography or experience. 
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Are you tired of never knowing when the next episode of The Geoholics Podcast will air?   Are you worried that you might miss the next episode of Mentoring Mondays?  Well worry no more... we now have Land Surveyor Radio!
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If you are looking for a new way to source surveying equipment deals, connect with trusted vendors inside the community and experience a slightly different way of shopping for land surveying related items, check out the new Megashop.  Be sure to bookmark the address because every panel inside the Surveyor Megashop can change any moment with new deals.  
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This toolkit is a quick access to many tools needed by Land Surveying businesses anywhere in the world.   It includes a place to post your available surveying jobs, a directory to add your company listing, a place for finding affordable land surveying equipment and a gateway to many apps which have been developed for the Land Surveyors United community, such as Survey Crew Apps, Member Apps and Mentorship.
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One of the ways that we are trying to help surveying companies convey these wait times to the public is to provide a search engine optimized surveying company directory where they can create a surveying company listing which can be edited on the fly without having to edit your website or calling your webmaster.  Simply make a post here and in the post body, tell the public about your current normal wait.  When things change, simply edit your listing which you control.   There is no charge to be added to this was built to for you to use and its incredibly simple to use.   
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The latest "Back of Curb" Digest introduces several new tools for the community! We've been hard at work this week creating resources to make your life easier. Whether you are looking for deals on Surveying Equipment, trying to find a surveyor job or fill a position in Land Surveying or just looking for tools and resources for improving your day to day as a Land Surveyor, you'll want to check the following new resource pages. I'll keep this short in order to give you time to check out the new additions to the site.
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Are you looking for a job in Land Surveying? Use this cool new resume / CV generator tool to quickly generate a PDF resume. This is a sample resume / generator set up just for land surveyors. You can use this tool to create and embed a resume into your Land Surveyors United Profile. This will come in handy in a pinch. Click any field to edit/ replace existing dummy content. Use Tab key to go to next input box.
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This is a final call for our Raffle Drawing for January, which happens on Sunday the 31st.  All member numbers are current and up to date.  This means that you just have until tomorrow night at 8pm EST to convert your Member Number into a Raffle Ticket. ***This month you can win a one of a kind Mega Party Safety Pack from Safety Apparel and other prizes from our Land Surveyors United Gift Shop.
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Our community has always had many moving parts, which extend beyond the community itself.   We help surveyors find jobs in surveying, source equipment for the field and we help our trusted vendors find customers who need their products and services.   Anything which can help a surveyor find what they need while informing the public of a land surveyor's importance is something we attempt to build.   In other words, we've been hard at work putting a fresh face on everything for the New Year.   With that said, our Surveying Jobs Board and the Equipment Hunter websites have been redesigned.  In addition, we have a new Smarketplace Aggregator website to add to the Virtual Mall mix.  Here are a few things we have improved and we are always open to suggestions for what to build next.
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Our community will soon turn 15 years old and a question that I am getting more and more is "I no longer work at the company that I worked at when I signed up, so I no longer have that email - what do I do?"
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Our new Virtual Mall currently has 5 Levels.   Enter through the parking lot, into the Elevator.  This is a place where Community Commerce can take place...where surveyors can connect with Vendors inside their "Smarket" - or Surveyors Market. Everyday, the latest posts from our Community Marketplace Vendors update inside their Virtual Marketplace stores with deals for Land Surveyors United members.
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