I recently used a Trimmark3 for a project I was working on.  It worked flawlessly on 2 separate occasions.  I took it out for a third go and the Base would say base started but there was no flashing green light on the Trimble R82 I was using.  I had just used it the day before on the same project and I couldn't get the Trimmark3 to initiate a base survey.  Two hours in I called my local tech  support to find out that for some reason the Trimmark3  struggles to initialize when setting up over a known point.( probably should have called after 30 minutes but I have been using Trimmark3 on and off for at least 12 years.)  The common variable on the two previous usages of the Trimmark3 was I was doing a "HERE" set up and going to work.  The third usage I set up over the known point I had been calibrating to, and that's why it wouldn't start.  O.K. so now my question...  My understanding of the radio is it is only broadcasting a signal, it is not doing any corrections or geodetic calculations.  My theory is it is related to the way ECEF in the Trimble software works...or something to do with the Datum I'm using being so far off of the WGS84 or ECEF positions I'm located at.  Anyone with any insight on this issue please share, or if anyone has Trimmark3 and it's not working try doing a Here position.

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You can find a lot of info on the Trimmark3 and the manual here  Let's see what others come up with..

The base I use at work has a Trimmark 3, but any issues I have had seem to correlate to the DC. I have to manually start each head in controller options on my TSC2; not sure if anyone knows a way around that.  We did have some problems calibrating a couple weekends ago.  We were trying to assign a lat long to a local coordinate and our base would not start.  


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