Global Land Surveyor Support

Global Land Surveyor Support

The Land Surveyors United Team and members of this community are working hard everyday to break down the barriers that have for so long kept the industry insolated. In this network, the language and cultural obsticals have been eliminated from your communication

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Mobile Surveyor Rover

Access and Engage Anywhere

You can literally take all of the tools, resources and power of discussion within these pages with you, whereever you go, using our Mobile Rover. Our mobile network works on any devices with an internet connection, allowing you to network and find answers from the field.

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Land Surveyor Resources and Tools

Land Surveyor Tools and Resources

Getting help with your equipment is no longer a game of telephone. Using the tools and resources provided by Land Surveyors United, you can stay productive, collaborate on projects and stay connected with both your fellow surveyors locally and abroad.

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Support Hubs for Locations

Share Surveying History

Geospecial. Global Social Support.

Since 2007, the Land Surveyors United community has been an ever evolving answer to many of the most problematic aspects of the land surveying industry. Through communication and curation of strong personal networks, our industry is becoming more open to change. Through embracing change on a global scale and sharing our experiences, we are teaching each other to be resilient and productive, while adapting to technological hurdles which hold us back. As a global community, anything is now possible for a land surveyor.

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Survey Equipment Support

Surveying Equipment Trouble? Ask Your Community

Sometimes it is not so easy to find technical support, especially for older equipment. For this reason, we have dedicated group forums based on the manufacturer of the surveying equipment you are having issues with. Simply start a new discussion inside the proper group forum and recieve targeted feedback from other surveyors who use your equipment.

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Global Map of Land Surveyors

Many Mini Communities One Purpose. To Unite!

Inside Land Surveyors United, you will find many mini communities dedicated to locations around the world. You'll find your country or state inside our ever growing societies page or by searching in our group forums. Join the group based on your location of expertise and start a discussion. We hope to have as much representation as possible of the types of surveying practiced around the world and in all locations.

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