Hey guys!

My work area as you see below image, contains rural buildings, concreted and none concreted streets, hills, etc, there is needed surveying for rebuilding and renewing the area, so how you suggest survey methods and procedures as well points taking order( in square order, EX: points after every 2 meters) or points at every structures angle and land up and down locations?

any suggestion for better result and good contour line showing?

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I agree with Jesaya, Shoot the buildings where you can but make sure you pick up all of the grade slope changes to accurately define the terrain.  It looks like you have a lot of good high vantage points from the pics.  Actually, some of your pics look like ideal station setup points.  Measure the buildings where you can't get all 4 corners as suggested.  I would suggest spending a few hours sketching the buildings on a sheet first so that you can mark the corners shot for each building as you go along to make sure you are shooting what you can.  You don't want to go back and resetup over a station to pickup missed shots.  Good luck! it looks like a fun challenge!

Jesaya and trout have given you good advice. For any open spaces, I think 1-2 m for the distance between ground shots would be adequate (since there will be so much data at each building corner as well.)


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