Hello community !

I have a request.
I want to profit of this community to ask a help.

Indeed !

I'm relatively new in 3D scanning (Scanning, modeling, CAO) and i need to improve my skills in general
but i can't really travel to europe or any western country where it easier to get good trainings, this is due to a lack of financial means.

I must mention that all what i know so far, i have learned it alone without any help.
But i need to go further to gain in experience and get more lucrative jobs and why not even in a foreign country.

I want to go further: on the theory, on softwares, on field techniques, post-processing, ...

So i'm looking for MOOC, or any online training, particularly if i can get a certification at the end or any other way that can help me to improve my skills at a low cost.

So I hope you can help me to find some, as you have more experience than me in this trade.

Thanks !

Best regards !

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Welcome to the community!  

If I were you I would start by checking out our Video Library, for example, there are over 400 Surveying Tutorials  350 + how-to videos. ....or run a search for 3D scanning

We also have more dedicated Hubs for 3D scanning which you can join and ask more specific questions to those who also work in 3D scanning.

If you find resources or videos which you find especially helpful, feel free to bring them back into the community and embed them or share them...

Best of luck to you.. hopefully this will get you started until someone else comes along with other advice!


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