Hi Surveyors,

   please find the attached surveying programs for casio calculator prepared by me and make necessary addition and subtraction especially the  alignment program. I want it in direction i.e centre, right and left hand side. Please, i want it in better modification for both FX 7400G PLUS and above. Download both the pdf and doc format. After your input, send the copy of the attachment to my email at [email protected]gmail.com

   Thanks and enjoy

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Thanks for sharing!

 Hi Alonge,

I am confused about your question, also what Casio calculator. I think your first file is missing page 1.

I just wanted to let you know that there are two support groups here for Casio calculators. If you use 

Casio calculators then join these groups for new discussions for your help or input. Casio's are very good calculators with a lot of surveying programs for them.




 Hi Alonge,

 I forgot about these, but this makes programs for 3 or 4 calculators, with those I already showed you.Some of these work on more than one calculator also.

 hope this helps.

fx 5800,7400G,9860G,and the 9860G2 .


Hi Billy,

   The program files l attached are working well in the above mention calculator but l want it in better comprehensive format especially the alignment program. Read my first discussion again. After adding your input as regard my request send it to my mail.


Hi Billy,

   The programs l attached was written by me which was not among the 33 programs you directed me to. What l need from you guys was to re-modified it for me in a more sensitive way most especially alignment programs. l want it to do centre, left and right direction after input initial and end coordinates.

    please, send it to my mail after making your input.

sp;   Thanks

6nbsp;  Thanks

Hi Alonge,

 I will take a look to see if I can help,but why does the first pdf files start on page 2 is 1 missing.

Because page 2 does not start correct. ) ,what is missing  in this ( )

The second pdf seems to be complete.

Ok ,

 Hi Alonge,

 Have you used a fx-FD10 Pro. It comes with 21 Surveying programs.

This calculator is made for surveying.Very good investment and is made to use in the field.





Just thought if you have not used one you like to see.

l have not use it before. l only used fx-7400G PLUS, FX-7700GBus, FX- 9850G. The only available one am using is FX-7400G PLUS, others faulty. please, review the alignment program if you can and forward it to my mail. Thanks


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