Were looking to setup our Net-G3A receiver as a permanent/stationary base for our RTK network. We previously had a Odyssey-RS setup as our base in the office running through the Topnet software but it crapped out on us. I've read through the Net-3GA owners manual and applied all the settings needed to make it operational but for some reason I can't get it to come online. I'm almost positive it's something to do with the TCP/Ethernet settings but I'm not sure what exactly. I basically matched the IP and port that we were using with the Odyssey-RS and made sure the topnet settings have the same too. I've tried using a switch and not using one, even tried pinging the receiver from our pc running the Topnet software but get no replies. I swapped out Ethernet cables as well, tried straight through cables and standard Ethernet cables but still no luck. If anybody has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated as were in desperate need to get this base online and operational. Feel free to ask me anything about our setup and I'll be sure to answer, also we do have remote desktop software setup if someone is kind enough to get hands on with it. I've tried contacting Topcon support but haven't gotten a response from them. Let me know if you have any possible solutions to this problem, thank you.

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I'm so rusty with this kind of stuff, but on the software, it says FTP Active for the download Method. Would you need to change the TCP port to match TCP Port 21 for the FTP Settings that PC-CDU is showing instead of the Telnet settings?


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