I'm looking to buy some field books can anyone recommend a quality longevity type book that's going to last the back pocket in the field?

Thanks in Advance
Ritchie MacInnis NSLS

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 Hi Ritchie,

 Not many young surveyor know what a field book is, lol . I have used these people for years, I even bought my first HP 41 CV from them In the 80's. They use to have the best machetes that were made,hand made from a company call Collins, they were hammer forged steel not stamp out. you can not find that today.  But on to your books . I always like Rite in the Rain books, I guess I have used just about ever brand that you can think of. Rite in the Rain makes a lot of anything to write on for surveyors. I do not know how the company I will give you would serve your area,but may be They do sell more than Survey equipment, but they have a lot of anything a surveyor needs. Any forestry supplies also their people are very helpful to their customers. look at their field books they have plenty different types, I started using their loose leaf because you could remove the pages to be copied easy this would let me also make files copies in file folders and I would scan them to be put on the computer also, This gave me three copies. But you can still do this using a binder but easier with a spiral but even easier with loose leaf. They also have protector covers for these books. But look these over and it may help you to decide even if you get them from some where else.



 Home page


Rite in the Rain stopped making the waterproof yellow hard back field books...why I don't know.

Hi Kathleen,

Forestry - Suppliers,still have them in stock,contact them,they can tell you if they are still available .They make many hard bound (cloth types) books. To me still the best I have used.




Thanks Mr. Brooks, I'll put my order in Friday.

Kindest Regards,

Hi Ritchie,

I couldn't recommend these anymore. They are amazing and international shipping is amazing.


Otherwise Markrite make some awesome survey specific field books.

Also, to Billy Brooks i'm a young surveyor in my 20s and use field book religiously ;)

 Hi Kieran,

Glad to here that,As you can tell I was just joking.But some surveyors,because of data collectors have stop using field books as much,even electronic levels store there own notes and notes can be kept on ipads or lap tops or DC,some calculators have note files. Books are always the safest no matter what you use ,keep it up and good to here this.


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