Hi all, just wondering what everyone's take on their favorite marker pen is?

I personally like using the uni-ball px20 markers, they are oil based, valve action markers with replaceable tips. Only problem is the lids don't fit on the end so you end up losing the lid quickly. 

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I really like these markers they seem to last longer than others...the cap isn't much better than the metal ones that never fit, and occasionally it over extrudes ink when you depress the tip. ..but stacked up against the other brands I definitely prefer these. They definitely hold up on concrete better than most brands. As much as I like the markers, it comes down to personal preference...I'm curious to hear others opinions.Thanks for the post.
I've found that the most useful to me varied from a hb pencil to a cd marker pen!
I prefer the horse brand of markers because it stay longer in the sun's heat.

We have recently changed to UMARK M3 markers.  They are a valve action marker that has enough ink flowing through the tip to mark oak stakes that are not always the smoothest.  By far the best marker we have found.  umarkers.com

I personally prefer the IDEAL MARK markers.  They are rugged, write in just about every surface, and last longer than most other markers that I have used.


I use the "ideal Mark valve action indelible marking pen". I am new to the valve action and I love it, sometimes the tip will come out and ive lost a few out in the field which can be very annoying but it hasn't happened to me in a while. Otherwise they are perfect for me.

Idea Mark for survey stakes and control points, but cannot go past Fisher Space Pen for writing on just about anything!


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