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Our 16th Birthday 🎂 Celebration and LSU Member Satisfaction in 2023

Can you believe our grassroots community will turn 16 years old on March 7th?

Join us for a Celebration!


On March 7th we'll be hosting a 24hour Birthday Celebration which you can simply tune into when convenient.  If you haven't stopped by the community lately, you have a lot of improvements to check out.  


We've come a long way, together. If you haven't noticed, our team has been working diligently behind the scenes for almost 2 months and we've completely overhauled the entire community- making it faster, cleaner and easier to navigate. We even have a brand new all inclusive Land Surveyors United app, which contains within it almost every single other app ever built for surveyors, by Justin.  There are many exciting updates, but today...

Today, I am asking for 2 simple things from you. 
1) Check out the improvements to Land Surveyors United (especially your new and improved profile page) and most importantly
2) provide feedback on the Member Satisfaction form which we take very seriously for prioritizing improvements.

You can easily find the Member Satisfaction Form on your own profile at the top under Curate Your Legacy... just look for the Unity Fist!

your profile

Member Satisfaction



A lot of work has been finished but there is still more to do!  Since making these changes, our traffic has gone up 236%+.  As we get further into 2023, we are making our plans through 2025 and beyond, with many new ideas to make the community better for Land Surveyors United Members!  As you will see on the Member Satisfaction page, we have worked in pretty much every request shared through the Member Satisfaction Survey from late last year.  As you will notice, we listened.   Time for a new round of feedback!

Finally, I would like to thank those who have donated toward keeping this community afloat for so many years.  Without you, there might very well be nothing today for us to share.  There would be no place in this world for land surveyors to be totally, locally, globally, United.  Thank You. 

Land Surveyors United Team

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