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Now Search LSU Network With Your Voice

A few months back, we added an EXPLORE page to the network to make it easier to find what you are looking for on Land Surveyors United. Today, Justin has rolled out a new improvement to site-wide search, allowing you to now search with your voice!

Search Land Surveyors United Network with Your Voice!

Anywhere you see a search box (for example on Base Page or Explore Page) which looks like this, you can simply search with Speech Input.  In other words, this is an alternate form of input where you can just simply click the microphone icon, speak into the microphone attached to your computer or phone instead of typing.  Pretty Cool huh!

Use this in the field!  We are one step closer to having the entire network accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Coming Soon!

Soon you will be able to comment on discussions, blogs, photos and videos using your voice.  Stay tuned for this update!

NOTE: Currently, only Google Chrome supports the HTML speech input API and thus, the microphone icon will only be visible to users who are accessing your site through Chrome. If they are using a different browser, they’ll see the standard search box.

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