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How-To Add Geolocation To Your Profile


Add Your Geolocation To Your Profile
When you add your geolocation to your profile on Land Surveyors United, you will become added to our global member map of land surveyors.  Most land surveyors should be well aware of their approximate latitude/longitude, but if you are in need of these coordinates, simply visit MyGeoPosition and grab your coordinates and plug them into your profile.
How to look up your geolocation in the format for Land Surveyors United (LSU) using Google Earth:
If you have your lat/lon already in another format other than simple decimal degrees, then you can convert it by using the search box in Google Earth.  If you are already familiar with much of the lat/lon system, skip to step1 below.
It will accept several formats but you may find it a bid difficult to enter it with the degree symbol at first. You can copy that symbol by creating a Placemark and copying the symbol from the dialog box when it pops up in the process of creating a Placemark if you have your settings set to decimal degrees.
Use the format of latitude & longitude format ((+/-)(D.DDDDDD,(+/-)(D.DDDDDD)) without the parenthesis  the first D. can be from 0 to 360 degrees but if you use a + or - then it should be less than 90 degrees for latitudes and less than 180 degrees for longitude.  Of course you may recall or discover that longitude goes all around the earth so the circle it travels is 360 degrees as it makes a complete circle.
The latitude is the angle from the center of the earth to the equator as your reference base line then as you travel up  from the center of the earth the angle goes from 0 to 90 for the north hemisphere and 0 to -90 for the southern hemisphere.  You can turn on the grid in you Google Earth - View settings and see the grid labeled for you if you are new and getting used to the lat/lon system.
Note: Put a comma between latitude,longitude for your Geolocation when inserting it into your member profile of Land Surveyors United.
step1: Go to Google Earth and find your location on the map.
Note:Set or check your preferences to give you latitude,longitude in decimal degrees.
step2: Create a placemark at your location by zooming into your location, first preference is your home, second preference is your office, and third preference is your project site if you are on a long term assignment, etc.
step3: When the placemark dialog box is open the decimal degrees given for the lat,lon and copy/paste from the fields to the description area of the box in that format separated by a comma with no spaces or degree symbol.  Do not close the box yet.
step4: Copy that to a text document outside of Google Earth and save it in your personal files to add it to your address book for yourself and for others to find you.  Then you can close the Google Earth Placemark box.
step5: Copy that format to your profile at LSU and if you are updating your position send it to LSU via Gary Breisch ( so that I can update your member files and map data for the next member map update.
More Notes: Even if you work for someone else, and you plan to stay where you live longer than the location of the company you work for or your business address, it is preferred you show where you are instead of you work place unless you own your business and want potential clients to find you at your business.
Final Notes:
Let me and other members know if you have any suggestions, corrections, or wording that will make it easier for us to use this procedure.Ultimately we hope to have an accurate account of our global distribution of members.
I have not taken the time to create screen shots to help you find the various settings and dialog boxes yet. So feel free to create them and send them for extra credit and help.
We can all improve this proceedure and tutorials related to the use of Google Earth or similar resouces.
Send contributions to me via LSU or directly to LSU or direct by email to me, Gary Breisch (
E-mail me when people leave their comments –

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