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Trimble Pro XRS newbie question



I'm hoping someone here can help me with getting some old Trimble equipment to work, please?


I'm not a professional surveyor, although was very many years old, and have no experience of using GPS kit, so please forgive my ignorance.


I bought a

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Trimble TSC3

Switched on controller today and it hangs on the Boot Loader screen .......... Holding down the power button does not bring up the usual reset, clean screen options, holding it down a bit longer appears to reset but again gets stuck on the Boot Loade

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Trimble 5600 Robotic Radio

I have a Trimble Robotic 5603 (internal 2.4GHz radio) I have tried to connect to TSC2 running Trimble SCS900 software and get incompatible radio error message.

Support says no, the internal radio on the TSC2 is not compatible with the radio in the 560

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Another TSC2 issue

Our TSC2 now will not connect to the rover or the base station at all, (if you have been tracking the story we discontinued use of the bluetooth and connected it directly to the base and then the rover.) When we try to connect to the base we do all o

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Trimble JOB files

Has anyone else had the problem of converting a trimble job file on the TSC2 using survey controller software to a RW5 file when you have more then 5000 points? This has happened twice to me and once to another party chief in our company. I cant seem

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