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TSC2 and R-8 model 3 VRS connection

Never had a problem using my 5800 and tsc2 with survey controller to hook up with my VRS network. Just got my hands on a R-8 model 3 with tsc2 with access and have been having trouble connecting or initilizing with the network.

Green light flashes showing radio contact but displays "waiting on L2 svs at rover" and won't initilize. Not sure if I have wrong info in data collector for my survey style, dial profile, etc. Anyone ever experience this?

Thanks, Ron....

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  • Okay, finally got the r8 to when I hit the measure button on the tsc2, the sattelities in view go from 16 to this something to do with the vrs network or glonass or what?  Thanks, Ronl...

    • I suspect when you connect to your VRS there are some choices for which satellites (GPS, GLONASS...) are included. That's how WISCORS, Wisconsin's Trimble VRS, was set up last time I used it a few years ago.

    • Yes, same here, I have double checked all my boxes for glonass, etc. Tried the same with my other TSC2 with survey controller 12.50 and it shows same messages on screen...hasn't intilizied again since the first one....

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