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5603 Stake Out Question

I am a home builder that purchased a 5603 with TCS2 data collector running Surveyor Pro 4.7.

I have no experience in surveying but I am slowly learning to use the machine.

My question or problem is I have experimented with staking out a 25'x25' square in my driveway which is pretty level. When I check the points and square it up, it's dead on. 

I then tried in my yard with a decent slope. It's telling me it's roughly a 3' drop in 25'. That point is off about 2". I'm not sure how to correct this or what I am doing wrong. 

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Mike

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  • Land Surveyor

    I think you need to change your cooridnate from grid to ground. The instrument is setting the right cooridinate at a flat elev but you are measuring with a tape down a slope I assume, which would account for the diff. If you hold tape level and drop a plumb bob how close is that.

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