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International Surveyors Week 2020

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5227521462?profile=RESIZE_400xCelebrate the Land Surveying Profession in countries of South America and Central America by sharing stories in the Land Surveyors Forums and by uploading photos of surveying in South America to the network to increase public awareness of the importance of Land Surveyors.




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The idea here is to have an entire day of streaming content from all countries and states inside this area of the world.  We hope to not only demonstrate our shared differences and similarities but to also inspire future land surveyors to get into the profession.   Ultimately, we hope to promote public awareness worldwide about the importance of surveyors.  This day of International Surveyors Week is set up so that members of Land Surveyors United can represent their local Chapter Hubs and contribute local content to be shared globally.    Be sure an have some some other land surveyors and help one another become better surveyors.

Schedule for Things To Do on This Day:

At 10:30AM 

Visit the Local Chapter Hub for your Country and Share a Surveying  Photo from the field.   Every hub has it's own photos section.



At 12:30PM 

Start a discussion inside your Local Hub Forum and tell us about your experiences in Land Surveying and tell us something unique about being a land surveyor in your area.   Your post is meant to inspire future generations of surveyors as well as helping other surveyors in the community get to know you better.



At 3:00PM

Film a short video or share a short videos about what it is like in the typical day of a land surveyor where you live.  Show us the equipment you use or explain any challenges that you regularly face as a surveyor in your local area.

At 6:00PM

Explore submissions made by other land surveyors and comment or share the posts made by others.


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