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AI for Land Surveyors Hub is a place to explore the possibilities of utilizing Artificial Intelligence to enhance and assist with land surveying operations.  It is also a place to share AI related images and resources for Land Surveyors, discuss using ChatGPT for learning difference surveying methods and monitor the changing landscape related to surveyor's adaptation to AI. 


Survey Legend

"Handsy" Ramsey

Handsy Ramsey was a skilled land surveyor, known for his attention to detail and precision in measuring plots of land. However, there was something unusual about him - he could never remove his hand from the tripod leg.

It all started one day when Handsy was out in the field, setting up his equipment for a survey. As he adjusted the tripod, his hand brushed against the leg, and suddenly, it felt like it was stuck. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remove his hand.

At first, Handsy thought it was just a temporary problem, and he tried to ignore it. But as the days went by, he realized that the problem wasn't going away. He consulted doctors and specialists, but no one could figure out what was wrong with him.

Despite his strange predicament, Handsy refused to give up his work as a land surveyor. He adapted his tools and methods to accommodate his unusual handicap, using his other hand to make calculations and adjustments while his trapped hand held onto the tripod leg.

Despite the challenges he faced, Handsy continued to excel in his work, earning a reputation as one of the best land surveyors in the region. People marveled at his ability to overcome his unusual handicap and still produce accurate measurements.

As he grew older, Handsy became something of a legend among his colleagues and peers. Some even speculated that his hand had become permanently fused to the tripod leg, a mark of his dedication and commitment to his craft.

And so, Handsy Ramsey continued to survey the land, his hand forever locked in place on the tripod leg. Though his condition may have seemed strange to others, he remained steadfast and unwavering in his pursuit of excellence, a true master of his trade.

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Survey Legend

I was just testing out this new experimental AI widget that I created which can be used to outline any process or user journey related to Land Surveying basics.  It is a simple way for any land surveyor who is just getting started in the field to prompt it to outline a process like "Performing a Level…

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Each Surveyor has a Story to Tell

These Surveyors Do Not Exist is an AI experiment for exploring the perceptions that AI has of land surveyors and how it will change over time as new models are updated and integrated.   We expect a lot of things to improve such as better depictions of the actual equipment used in the field, hopefully an increased understanding that land surveyors are not astrologers or astronauts.  It is also our hope that as AI learns more about the importance of land surveyors to civilization, the general public will also become more education.   Please feel free to roast any of our Surveyors that Do not Exist in the comments and by all means, share your AI created images with us here.