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In the realm of land surveying, a notable point of contention regarding ChatGPT is its perceived mechanical writing style.

12228039691?profile=RESIZE_584xHowever, there have been substantial enhancements with the introduction of GPT-4, and there's an intriguing "hidden" technique at your disposal.

What I'm referring to is the capability to instruct ChatGPT to replicate your writing style precisely using a single prompt. What's even more remarkable is that this method can be employed with the free version of ChatGPT!

Allow me to demonstrate this procedure:

Single-Prompt Training for ChatGPT

As mentioned earlier, this approach is applicable with the free version, but it truly shines with GPT-4, a more advanced model.

So, if you're inclined to utilize GPT-4 without incurring the cost of ChatGPT Plus, you can harness Bing Chat in creative mode at

1. Initiate the Initial Prompt

This initial prompt is crucial as it primes ChatGPT to adapt to your specific writing style using your sample texts. Please employ the following prompt:

"Adopt the persona of a seasoned land surveyor. I will present you with various samples of my writing, and your objective is to emulate it.

You will commence by typing 'START.' Following that, I will furnish you with an example text, and you will respond with 'NEXT.' As I present additional examples, you will continue to reply with 'NEXT,' and this cycle will persist. You are only allowed to diverge from this pattern when I signal 'DONE,' and not a moment sooner.

During this process, your task is to scrutinize my writing style, tone, and the nuances present in the sample texts I provide. Ultimately, I will request you to compose a new text on a given subject, adhering precisely to my established writing style."

Congratulations, you've just completed the essential groundwork!

ChatGPT is now fully prepared to grasp and replicate your distinctive writing style.

2. Input Your Texts

ChatGPT will initiate with "START." You should then proceed to copy and paste your first piece of text for the purpose of training. It's imperative that you provide a text authored by you, as this allows ChatGPT to draw inspiration from it and comprehend your unique writing style.

To illustrate, here's an example of a text I've copied and pasted (please view the images in the email to see it):


If all goes well, ChatGPT will reply "NEXT".

This means it's ready to receive your second text.

3. Continue with your next texts

So copy and paste your second text, then a third, and so on!

You don't have to give it 150, but try to give it 4 or 5 to get the right results.

Between each text, it should display "NEXT" as it did the first time.

4. Indicate when you're done

Once you've given all your examples, write "DONE" so that ChatGPT can analyze your writing style.


The analysis may be interesting, but what interests us is that ChatGPT writes like us!

5. ChatGPT is trained!

And the good news is that now he can.

Ask it to write any text and it'll do it, taking into account your writing style, your time, and all the parameters you usually use to write yourself.

My advice is to save the conversation you've just created, so you don't have to re-train ChatGPT the next time.



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