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AI for Land Surveyors Hub is a place to explore the possibilities of utilizing Artificial Intelligence to enhance and assist with land surveying operations.  It is also a place to share AI related images and resources for Land Surveyors, discuss using ChatGPT for learning difference surveying methods and monitor the changing landscape related to surveyor's adaptation to AI. 


Survey Legend

Steam Punk Stan

Stan was a land surveyor, and he loved nothing more than exploring new territories and mapping out uncharted lands. But there was one thing that always bothered him: he could never get high enough. No matter how high he climbed, how deep he dug, or how far he traveled, there was always a new peak, a new ridge, a new horizon that he couldn't reach.

One day, while working on a particularly tricky survey in the rugged mountains, Stan stumbled upon an old laboratory hidden deep within a cave. Inside, he found a strange machine that hummed and whirred with a peculiar energy. Without knowing what he was doing, Stan pressed a button, and suddenly the machine sprang to life.

The next thing Stan knew, he was hurtling through the air, soaring higher and higher into the sky. As he rose higher and higher, he looked down upon the world below, seeing things he had never seen before. The clouds parted, and he saw the tops of mountains he had only seen from below. The sun shone on his face, and he felt more alive than ever.

As he flew, Stan realized that the machine he had found was a steam-powered jetpack, and that he was the first person in the world to fly so high. He felt invigorated by the freedom and the sense of accomplishment that came with reaching new heights.

From that day on, Stan never stopped exploring. With his trusty steam-powered jetpack strapped to his back, he flew across the world, mapping out new territories and discovering hidden wonders. He became known as SteamPunk Stan, the Land Surveyor who could never get high enough, and his name became synonymous with adventure, exploration, and discovery.

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Survey Legend

I was just testing out this new experimental AI widget that I created which can be used to outline any process or user journey related to Land Surveying basics.  It is a simple way for any land surveyor who is just getting started in the field to prompt it to outline a process like "Performing a Level…

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Each Surveyor has a Story to Tell

These Surveyors Do Not Exist is an AI experiment for exploring the perceptions that AI has of land surveyors and how it will change over time as new models are updated and integrated.   We expect a lot of things to improve such as better depictions of the actual equipment used in the field, hopefully an increased understanding that land surveyors are not astrologers or astronauts.  It is also our hope that as AI learns more about the importance of land surveyors to civilization, the general public will also become more education.   Please feel free to roast any of our Surveyors that Do not Exist in the comments and by all means, share your AI created images with us here.